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Custom Spring Design

When is a good time to ask for help in custom designing coil springs, conical springs, spiral springs, or compression spiral springs from a coil spring manufacturer or spiral spring manufacturer or even a company that specializes in a niche such as an automotive coil spring manufacturer? The answer is; no matter what type of spring, ask for design help early in the process.
Many times in the spring manufacturing business, the custom spring designer is brought in after the larger components are designed and it requires a lot of force to be used in a small space, as an example.
Because the spring is typically a moving part in an assembly, it requires more than fit. Function must be taken into consideration. For example, let’s say we’re designing a new mouse trap. The wood plank is designed, the cheese holder, and finally the hook that sets the trap. Now it’s time for the spring. It’s determined that it will take 30 ft. lbs. of force at 180 degrees rotation to do the job. But wait, there’s a problem. The cheese holder’s fine, but the wood plank is too thin and the hook is too small to support the force from the spring. So we’re back to square one.
The moral of this simple example is to get the spring manufacturer involved early and keep them involved until the product is in production. It can save a lot of time and money.

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